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Biogas Energy Plant
IKE utilizes food waste as a raw material for generating electricity.
IKE's subsidiary, Bio Energy Corporation, utilizes a recycling technology that employs microorganisms to break down foods. It uses the gases produced during the digestion process to generate electricity and heat energy.
Food waste is collected by a simple waste sorting approach.
This facility can contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions because food waste, which is a biomass, is considered as carbon neutral.
If the electricity (24,000 kWh/d) and heat energy produced at the facility during full operation were converted to the amount of CO2 reduction, it would be the equivalent of 14 tons per day.
In this case, the recycled products are energy, either electricity or heat. The demand of these recycled products are stable. Moreover, it enables the facility to maintain operation with a high recycling rate.

Adding more value to the biogas
IKE commits to improve the value of biogas and to expand biogas sales channels.
IKE collaborates with other companies using renewable energy technology to establish a venture company called gBiogas Net Japan LLC.h It is being promoted to recover, refine, and distribute biogas.
Since biogas includes hydrogen sulfide-eroding materials and nonflammable CO2 gas, it is essential to refine the gas and increase the facility to be able to use it.
We commit to the establishment of Japan's first biogas network intended to distribute gas for use as fuel offices, in homes and vehicles, by installing small-unit which recovers and refines the biogas at each discharging point such as water treatment plants, food factories, waste management companies, and livestock areas.

Supply wood chips and RPF as fuel for generating electricity
IKE promotes the use of biomass, such as woodchips.
IKE established "New Energy Supply Corporation" with other waste management companies in the metropolitan area to sell wood chips and RPF as fuels for generating electricity. These fuels are used by "Ichihara Green Electricity Co.,Ltd.," which is the largest facility of this type in Japan and generates 49,900kW/d using biomass materials. The "Junkan Shigen KK" that was established by Mitsui Zosen and New Energy Supply supplies fuel to Ichihara Green Electricity. We utilize Junkan Shigen's stockyard to provide a constant supply of fuels to Ichihara Green Electricity.

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