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In recent years, soil contamination from heavy metal or volatile organic compounds has exposed during re-development of old factory sites. In order to regulate soil contamination and avoid the adverse impact on human health, the “Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law” was established in 2003.
Remediation of contaminated soil has also become an important issue of risk management for many companies and facilities. IKE provides safe and affordable solutions for contaminated soil remediation by using our long and reliable experience in waste management and recycling field. We suggest the best approach for your needs, type, and level of contamination and the applicable laws and regulations.

Transportation of contaminated soil
・Drilling and carrying out contaminated soil
・Filling alternate soil
・Contaminated soil remediation

On-site contaminated soil remediation

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) contaminated water treatment

What we can do?
If you need to transport contaminated soil from your site for treatment, we offer complete services -- propose the best treatment method, introduce our soil treatment facility, drilling, transport the soil to the treatment facility, and fill your site with alternate soil. If you have not yet performed a soil analysis, we can introduce you to one of our partners in the field to support you.

How we can do it?
Our business had grown through recycling and waste treatment activities. The biggest difference between IKE and other waste management companies is that IKE has our own water treatment division. We have been involved in many construction projects at drilling sites. Our contaminated soil remediation services are strengthened by our experience in waste management and drilling constructions. Try and check our name in the internet and you shall find us more than you imagine.

Why are our services so affordable?
We reviewed our internal ordering system and increased direct orders to reduce the indirect costs. In the case of off-site soil treatment, we established a business agreement directly with the treatment facility. Many companies offering off-site contaminated soil remediation services are mostly waste management companies, as same as IKE. Our experience and relations enables us to deal with other companies and facilities directly.

How about waste discharged from the soil ?
This is a field in which we have strong experience, since drilling projects often leave us with such waste. Waste management is our main business, and you can trust our solutions and services.

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