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Underground Object Removal
Underground Object Removal Services

IKE offers services to remove underground objects left over from past construction projects. We provide appropriate removal service based on waste management law, and our long and reliable experience in waste management and recycling.

Detecting and sorting underground objects

Consulting on waste management

Transporting and treatment of industrial waste


Inspecting objects
  First, we have to inspect the site by obtaining information about the site and by test drilling. Then we develop a plan by selecting a treatment facility based on the estimated volume and type of objects involved.

Sorting with heavy construction vehicle
  We mainly use a backhoe in our operations. Soil containing objects such as glass is shoveled with a skeleton bucket. The grid in the skeleton bucket shakes off and sorts the soil from the foreign objects.
Backhoe with skeleton bucket

  Sorted soil is reused as much as possible. In cases where a backhoe does not sort adequately, a manual-sorting method is used. We process concrete pieces as industrial waste. These pieces are crushed and used as construction materials, such as those used for roadbeds.

Remaining soil

Concrete pieces

Waste management
  Objects that are not easily recycled, such as plastics, are properly treated as industrial waste. Waste management is our specialty. We treat waste while complying with laws and regulations and transport the waste with permitted vehicles. Of course, we also use a manifest.

Waste plastics

Waste woods and wood chips

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